What Are The Best Fishing Spots in Spain?

Are you a fish hunter? Are you looking for another fishing destination to quench your fishing thirst? If yes, then Spain should be on top of your list. Spain is the home of some of the best fishing spots in the world. It has so much to offer the angler and big game fish hunter. The water in Spain has a wide variety of fish. You will find coarse fish, large barbell and carps. Spain is a popular destination for premium sport fly fishing. In fact, in some areas of Spain, trout’s grow considerably larger than average for their variety. Spain is also a perfect spot for angling, but fly fishing is more popular. If you are considering planning a fishing trip in Spain, there are a few things that you should know about it.

First of all, keep into mind that there are three different types of waters in Spain. Free waters where anyone can go fishing because there are no permits required for fishing in these waters. Restricted waters where you will need a permit for fishing. These permits are regularly awarded through a draw system. The last type of water is fisheries. In order to buy a permit to catch fish in fisheries, you will need to visit a local pub or shop near the water. In order to go fishing in the fine waters in Spain, you will need additional authorization because there are both private and public waters.

In Spain, Barcelona is the best place to go fishing. There are many exotic beaches in Barcelona. One of the best known is Arenys de Mar, which is located a few kilometers away from this magnificent city. It showcases a breath-taking combination of arty heritage and stunning beaches. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities. It is the 14th-century fisherman quarter. Sea fishing in Barcelona should be on top of your must-do things.

Then there is another hot fishing spot which is called the fishing village. IT is located in Luanco ata  distance of less than 40 kilometers from Oviedo. This village is the home of historic centers and breath-taking beaches washed by the Bay of Biscay.

There is another fishing village in Spain which is called Cadaques. It is located in the south of French border. It is a perfect place for fishing. If you are interested in angling, visit Tarragona and Nerja. These cities are dominated by the lower Ebro and are ideal for angling. There are plenty of seas fishing opportunities in the delta, while you can enjoy coarse fishing in the main river. Lieda is another ideal fishing spot in Spain. It is located at the foot of the pyrenees and dominated by the fruitful Rio Segre valley. This province has endless fishing opportunities for anglers.

In short, Spain is a perfect place for fishing and you can plan your next fishing tour in Spain to enjoy both fly fishing and angling.