Things you need to do At Least once in Your life

There are many things that you can do in your lifetime and it can be easy to lose track of most of them. Most of the time, you don’t really take note of things that you have done or haven’t done yet. Though it is not encouraged that you plan every single detail of your life it is recommended to do certain things at least once before you die. Adding meaning, challenge and adventure to your life is what makes your days more meaningful. Here are a list of things that you should have tried before you die.

Travel Alone

Most people would discourage you from doing it because it’s dangerous and a lot of people have gone missing or have died because they travelled solo. Well a part of it is true but it’s the same as saying there are also people who were just in their homes but ended up dying or hurting themselves anyway. Wherever you go and whether or not you are doing something, the risks of dying and hurting yourself are always present. Unless you take the risk you would not know the fun and the adrenaline rush a solo travel can bring to you.

Love without Worry

Some people will discourage your from loving and giving your all because you may end up getting hurt. If you are constantly holding your feelings back for fear of rejection then you will surely grow old and wondering what could have happened if you did not allow the “What Ifs” to dominate your decisions. For once let your feelings out without the fear of being judged for it. You may end up getting hurt but at the end of the day you survive and get through it as a better version of your old self.

Try an Outdoor Job

The belief that only those who work in corporate set-ups become successful in their careers is already obsolete. At least once in your life try a job out of the office. Let yourself get a little sun and do a little bit of physical activity to earn a living. Outdoor jobs are exciting and will offer a good break from the boring and monotonous office set-up you’ve had for so long. Getting the right qualifications to qualify as an outdoor instructor is easy. You can enroll to courses offered at

Not Sleeping until the Sun’s up

Well if you thought that this is only for the teenagers well you’re wrong. At least once in your working career try to live young again and not sleep through the night not for work but for genuine fun. This will empower you that you can still have fun and be free doing things that make you happy.

Life they say is not a race because getting to the finish line first means you need to dive ahead of the others which is not cool. The value of life is not in how long or how short you have but in what you have been doing in the time that was given to you.