Simple Golf Etiquette to Follow When Playing Golf

Out of the sports in existence these days, golf is more strict when it comes to sportsmanship. After all, golf is one of the easiest games to cheat at. Every player has to play while putting his or her honer in line. When you are playing gold, then you have to make sure that you follow the right code of etiquette to avoid embarrassing yourself.


One of the codes of etiquette that must be followed is that one should not talk while there is a player who is playing a stroke. Do not think that you can do that to distract the player. You must make sure that you provide the player enough time and silence to analyze the situation. Any golf course, whether it be at places listed at or not, will have some tricky platforms. Leave the player to make the practice swings or the actual swings in peace.


Avoid standing near the player or moving about. This is a rule that must be taken seriously when you are planning on the greens. You must stay out of the player's peripheral vision when they are putting too. You must never walk between the player's ball and hole nor stand nearest to the hold. Even if it is just your shadow, it will be bad etiquette.


Be prepared to play when it is actually your turn. It is your turn already when your ball is the one that is lying farthest from the hole. You must make the decisions while you are walking to the ball. In fact, it is even better if you can already make a decision while you are waiting for someone else to play. Do not delay. While it may be important that you do not rush in playing, you have to be prompt about it.


The first shot, no matter what the tee is, will always go to the player who has the lowest score on the last hole. In case the last hole has a tied lowest score, then the one who will retain the honor of the first shot will be the person who possesses the lowest point on the hole before that.


When you are hitting, you have to see to it that everyone in the group is already behind you. If there is a group playing in front of your group, then you have to wait before you hit. Make sure that they are out of sight before you start hitting the tee.


Do not forget to pay close attention to the group that is playing behind you. If you are being waited on for every shot, then it is highly recommended you let the group behind you go through. It is not just about your ability. It might be that the group that is right behind you is playing at a faster pace. You just have to step aside and invite them to play through.


Whether or not the golf course at is busy, you better help the greens keeper. The golf course will always take a lot of pounding everyday. There are balls that land on the greens, divots of earth scattered around, and feet walking through the bunker.